Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

Poster tokyo gore police poster01.jpg

With a title like Tokyo Gore Police, it’s safe to say that this film comes with certain expectations from a viewer: expectations of style over substance, satirical content and a whole lot of gore and viscera from beginning to end. Upon viewing, Tokyo Gore Police is a film that successfully delivers on all of these expectations tremendously. Tokyo Gore Police is a film that’s part body-horror, part splatstick, part action and part black comedy. The film combines scenes of brutal mutilation with crude sequences that satire Japan’s brutal consumerist culture, a la Robocop, albeit with a very dark, comedic twist. Tokyo Gore Police is a fast paced wild ride from beginning to end that doesn’t slow down or deviate from its maniacally insane tone.

All in all, Tokyo Gore Police is a very simple film at heart. The story is a very basic ‘Good vs Evil vs Evil’ story-line, a common action movie plot-line witnessed in films such as Robocop, Underworld and District 13. The film’s story is about a katana wielding police asassin called Ruka – Eihi Shiina of Audition fame – who hunts down mutated murderers called ‘engineers’. There’s nothing new or original about the plot or the characters involved in Tokyo Gore Police, but the film’s story is not the focus of the film. The main focus is on the insanely colourful visual style and the bizarre, surreal sequences that make up the entirety of the film. Tokyo Gore Police is a film where with each new scene there’s something more shocking and bizarre than anything seen previously, which all culminates to one of the most memorably insane final battles I’ve witnessed outside of a violent video game. Character-wise, Tokyo Gore Police is a film that’s full of mutants, freaks, and disturbingly striking characters, each with their own bizarre visual flair and quirky characteristic – there’s even a cleverly tense sequence where the whole crux of the scene is the inability to tell a protagonist from an antagonist.

However, what really makes Tokyo Gore Police stand out, is that it is a film filled with enough blood and guts to be a gorehound’s wet dream. I can say with certainty that Tokyo Gore Police is one of the bloodiest, goriest, most downright brutal films I’ve ever seen. From beginning to end the viscera is non-stop. It doesn’t feel like the film ever takes a break to let the story flow as the film flits from one gory scene to another. The effects themselves are mind-blowing. It’s quite hard to think of how the creator of Tokyo Gore Police – Yoshihiro Nishimura – pulled off a lot of the disgustingly brutal effects of mutilation because they’re just so damn effective. In conclusion, when is comes to gore, Tokyo Gore Police is a film that delivers.

The only criticism I could hail at Tokyo Gore Police is the cheap, crude camera that was used to shoot the film. It feels like the film was shot on a cheap camcorder as the video quality is rather rough, shaky and light sensitive. However, that being said. I personally enjoyed Tokyo Gore Police. I enjoyed its bizzare characters, its crazy set pieces and gory fight scenes. In conclusion, Tokyo Gore Police is a blast to watch from beginning to end, of course, if one has the stomach for nearly two hours of gory cinema.

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