For Y’ur Height Only (1981)

For Y'ur Height Only (1981)

For Y’ur Height Only is a tongue-in-cheek Filipino spy/action movie. A film that lovingly spoofs the iconic ‘James Bond’ style of spy film: full of guns, gadgets and babes galore. In all honesty, For Y’ur Height Only isn’t the greatest James Bond parody film that exists, however, For Y’ur Height Only is noteworthy because it stars Weng Weng (AKA Ernesto De La Cruz) in the films lead role: Agent 00, spy extraordinaire. Despite standing at only 2 feet 9 inches tall, by the 1980’s Weng Weng was a Filipino film star and a talented martial artist. He performed all of his own outrageous stunts during the filming of For Y’ur Height Only which include flying via jetpack and an outrageous ‘umbrella float’ scene. To this day, Weng Weng is featured in the Guiness Book Of World Records for the accomplishment of being the world’s smallest actor in a lead role. Although Weng Weng starred in a variety of Filipino action films, such as The Impossible Kid and D’ Wild Wild Weng, For Y’ur Height Only is his most famous movie which was released around the world because it became cult classic with western audiences. Personally, I first heard about Weng Weng and For Y’ur Height Only because of the trailer for Andrew Leavold’s documentary In Search Of Weng Weng, which prompted me to seek out For Y’ur Height Only, and upon viewing, I knew it would be a great addition to The Midnight Vault.

One of the first things that caught my attention whilst viewing For Y’ur Height Only ,is the film’s ridiculous plot and manic pacing. The film sets up a very simple premise reminiscent of a James Bond film: a scientist (Dr. Kohler) is kidnapped by a powerful villain (Mr. Giant) and forced to create a bomb, a lone spy (Agent 00) and his female sidekick (Irma) are sent in to disrupt the villain’s operations and rescue the kidnapped scientist. However, For Y’ur Height Only is far from a regular ‘paint-by-numbers’ James Bond film, For Y’ur Height Only is a film that doesn’t follow any logical story structure. Instead, the film chooses to bounce from random action sequence to random action sequence, jumping through multiple protagonists and antagonists who are introduced before completely vanishing seconds later. For Y’ur Height Only is quite an exhausting film to watch because despite being only 88 minutes long, the plot is ridiculously hard to logically follow. Instead of being a film in three acts, it feels like a film in 30 acts. In fact, throughout the majority of the film, the main characters of Dr. Kohler and Mr. Giant are completely forgotten about and replaced with scenes of Agent 00 engaging in gunfights, fist-fights, and macking on Filipino women.

But, if I’m being honest, the reason why a viewer would want to watch For Y’ur Height Only isn’t because of the story, it’s because they want to see a miniature James Bond engage in fight scenes with 5 feet tall Filipino men, and For Y’ur Height Only certainly delivers on that front. From start to finish, For Y’ur Height Only is packed full of fist-fights, gun-fights, gadgets, chase scenes, slapstick comedy, clever getaways, all involving the physical feats of Weng Weng. The film takes advantage of Weng Weng’s size during fight scenes as he’s thrown about whilst performing dropkicks and takedowns, hides in clever places during shootouts, and stuns nearly every bad guy via roundhouse kick to the testicles before delivering another kick to the face to knock them out. It’s true that, after a while, the action scenes become somewhat repetitive and predictable, but the novelty of having these stunts performed by a 3 foot tall actor prevents the action from becoming totally stale, and For Y’ur Height Only kept my attention from start to finish.

For Y’ur Height Only is an entertaining curio that was saved from complete obscurity due to a dedicated cult following. It’s not the best action film that exists, but believe me, it’s a film that needs to be seen at least once in order to witness the feats of Weng Weng: impressively crazy stunts and disinterested acting. In conclusion, For Y’ur Height Only is a charming little movie full of amateurish passion and low budget spectacles, and it’s a stand-out addition to The Midnight Vault.

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